About Cam Ranh Airport

  • English name: Cam Ranh International Airport (CRIA)
  • Address: Cam Ranh Int’l airport, Cam Nghia Ward, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province
  • Tel: (058) 3989988 / 3989918: (058) 3989921
  • Fax: (058) 3989908 / 3989906;
  • E-mail: camranh@vietnamairport.vn
  • IATA code: CXR 
  • Runway:  3,048 meters in length, 45 meters in width.
  • Apron: 10 aircraft parking stands .
  • Able to accommodate B777, B767, B737, A320, A321 and similar types of aircraft.
  • Aerodrome classification: 4D
  • Civil airport, also serving for military flight operation 
  • Passenger Terminal: 13.995 square meters
  • Handling capacity: 1.5 million passengers per year

1. Location:

Cam Ranh International Airport is situated at the central of Cam Ranh peninsula, in Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. It is 35 kilometers northwards and 10 kilometers southwards away from Nha Trang city. Its geographic coordinate is 11°59’43.66N -109°13’06.29W, at the intersection of center of RWY 02/20 and center of W3.

High reference point: 13.1 meters against the mean sea level, average temperature at 26.5°C

2. Development process:

Cam Ranh International Airport was built by the US Army, used as the air force bases during the war. In 1973, after Paris Convention, that base was handed over to Democratic of Vietnam. From 1975 until 2004, Cam Ranh airport was opened for military purpose.

On 19 May 2004, the first civil flight from Hanoi was welcomed at Cam Ranh airport, which replaced for Nha Trang airport situated in the center of Nha Trang city on account of safety purpose and shortage of land.      

In order to meet the increasing requirements of aviation industry, on 16 August 2007, the Government approved the Decision regarding the improvement of Cam Ranh airport to Cam Ranh International Airport.

Cam Ranh International Airport was well equipped with advanced aviation technology and facilities, ensure to accommodate B777, B767, B737, A320, A321 and similar types of aircrafts.

Since its opening for civil purpose until now, Cam Ranh Int’l Airport has the dynamic development, the capacity of passenger, cargo and traffic movements has increased fast that contributes in the socio-economic, cultural development and investment of Khanh Hoa Province and other localities in the region.

In order to increase the traffic volume, assure aviation security – safety, on 15 March 2015, the People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa Province began the construction project of “Construction of the second runway – Cam Ranh International Airport”. The project scale includes building the new runway of 3,048 meters in length and 45 meters in width, expected completion and operation after 36 months.

Airports Corporation of Vietnam is currently implementing various investment projects including the repair project of passenger terminal – Cam Ranh International Airport with the total investment of 86 million dong. Project was carried out in October 2015, expected completion after 6 months from the beginning; Construction project of restaurant, office for airlines, the construction project of security barrier, etc. Besides, ACV is preparing the construction project on international terminal with the handling capacity up to 2 million passengers per year in accordance with the plan of calling for investment from the socialization of airport infrastructure.

3.  Passenger Terminal:

The passenger terminal of Cam Ranh Int’l Airport was built with modern design together with traditional characters of localities, friendly with environment, covering of 13,995 square meters; area of parking lot and roads spreading of 33,920 square meters. The passenger terminal was put into operation in December, 2009.

The terminal was well equipped with advanced aviation technology and facilities, including check-in counters, flight information board, security scanning machines, customs counters, immigration counters, baggage handling system, serviced area, etc. The terminal is able to accommodate 1.5 million passengers per year, serve 800 passengers per peak hour, in which, the domestic terminal facilitates 600 passengers per peak hour, the international terminal facilitates 200 passengers per peak hour.

Cam Ranh International Airport is not only an ideal trading gate, playing an important role as a connecting bridge in attracting more investors, visitors to Khanh Hoa Province and South Central  provinces, but also international aviation hub of the regions.

In 2014, Cam Ranh Int’l Airport accommodated 2,062,494 passengers, taking up 36.7% compared to the 2013’s; facilitated 10,463 tons cargo, representing 85% compared to the 2013’s, served 13,118 flights, occupying 27.6% compared to the 2013’s.