Abstract Template


(Format: Bold, Times New Roman, and 14 pt)
Author 1 , Author 2 (e.g. Ting-Jing Shen 1 ; Trafalgar Law1,2  , etc)

(Format: First Name (No Initials) Last Name, Times New Roman, 10 pt, underline for the presenter)

1 Affiliation, Country; 2 Affiliation, Country (e.g. Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan;
2 Department of Pediatrics, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan) (Format: Name of
Organisation/Affiliation, Times New Roman, 10 pt)
Formatted in MS-Word and written in English. Thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before
submission. The abstract should contain the presentation title, which should be in capital alphabets
(except for scientific/species names). The abstract should include brief introduction, objectives,
materials and methods, results and conclusion. Name of all authors should be given with superscript
numbers, indicate the corresponding author with a superscript asterisk. Full address of all authors
should be italicized and given with superscript numbers. Underline the presenting author's name.
Font: Times New Roman, Point 11. The content of abstract should not exceed 400 words. Do not
include references, photographs or figures in the abstract

Keywords: first, second, third, forth (Format: Times New Roman, 10 pt. At least FOUR keywords)